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Infant Care

At Rose Garden Preparatory Day School's we've curated a nurturing haven where your baby thrives under the attentive care of our knowledgeable staff. Each infant's unique schedule, provided by parents, guides our feeding, nap times, and care. Our educators tailor interactions with songs, stories, and toys to match developmental rhythms. With distinct rooms for mobile and non-mobile infants, we ensure just the right amount of stimulation. Crawlers embark on exploration, while younger ones engage in activities fostering grasping and tracking.

Feel free to review daily updates via BrightWheel. Real time updates chronicling diaper changes, feedings, activities and play. These snapshots showcases their strides within our program driven by movement, curiosity, and abundant care. Rose Garden Preparatory Day School offers an enriching environment where infants learn and flourish.

Older Infant

At Rose Garden Preparatory Day School, nurturing the growth of older infants is a cherished endeavor. Our experienced caregivers provide a secure and engaging environment where these little explorers thrive. Tailored to each child's unique pace, our activities encourage cognitive, motor, and social development. As your older infant becomes more curious, we offer stimulating play, interactive storytelling, and age-appropriate challenges that foster independence. With love and guidance, we ensure a seamless transition from early infancy to the exciting stages of exploration, setting the foundation for a lifetime of learning and joyful discoveries.


Young Toddler

Our toddler care spaces at Rose Garden Preparatory Day School are thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of your curious and energetic child. As toddlers rapidly evolve, we provide distinct rooms for both young and older toddlers, ensuring a seamless transition as they grow. This progression is a collaborative effort between teachers and parents, ensuring your child's comfort. Our toddler areas are brimming with blocks and puzzles, igniting their sense of discovery. Self-help skills take center stage, with handwashing, coat wearing, and potty training supported at their own pace. A dedicated playground fosters outdoor play, while indoor gym activities cater to diverse needs.

You're always welcome to visit, and daily reports are ready at pickup, detailing their meals, potty training, social interactions, naps, and the enriching activities they've enjoyed. Our weekly curriculum emphasizes language, motor skills, sensory exploration, and the joys of art and music. At Rose Garden Preparatory Day School, we're dedicated to nurturing your toddler's growth and joyful learning journey.


Our accredited preschool program provides a well-rounded yet stimulating curriculum for your child. Our vibrant learning centers seamlessly weave math, language development, science, imaginative play, music, art, and computer skills into engaging activities. Progression happens naturally at each child's pace, fostering developmentally appropriate growth. Early math, pre-writing, and pre-reading concepts come to life through sequencing, matching, handwriting, and storytelling.

Imagination meets adventure on our new outdoor playground featuring slides, climbing walls, swings, and spinners. Indoors, our gym offers structured games and sports exploration, from soccer to scooter hockey and parachute play. Our preschool nurtures confidence, encourages growth, and introduces your child to the wonders of their expanding world through exciting learning experiences.



Our pre-kindergarten program, adheres to the highest educational standards for optimal kindergarten readiness. Our curriculum introduces and reinforces early math skills, from number identification to patterns and sequencing. We encourage expressive communication, both spoken and written, while our engaging show-n-tell sessions spotlight the letter of the week, promoting letter recognition. Our thematic lesson plans encompass holidays, environmental awareness, safety, seasons, and more. Pre-reading and pre-writing skills are fortified through hands-on materials, and computer skills, science, social studies, and music are taught with creativity.

Imagination meets action on our new outdoor playground, featuring slides, swings, and spinners. Indoor challenges in our gym encompass games and sports, from soccer to obstacle courses. Rose Garden Prep's Pre-Kindergarten program sets the stage for academic triumph, boosting self-esteem as active learners and nurturing a genuine love for learning.

Summer Enrichment

Summer at Rose Garden Prep is a season of endless excitement! Each week brings a new adventure tailored to children of all ages. Themes like Summer Olympics, Kitchen Science, Carnival Week, Space Exploration, and A Day at the Beach set the stage for unforgettable experiences. Water Play days become a weekly highlight. . Beyond our campus, weekly field trips add to the thrill! Past excursions have included Laser Tag, Camden Aquarium visits, roller skating, ice skating, Monkey Joe's, and movie outings. These adventures make for an unforgettable summer!

Kids Blowing Bubbles
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